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You can’t sexualise every single thing women do and then make it the responsibility of women to hide themselves from you

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30 days of Supernatural → Day 12: Favorite Character Introduction

↳ Death

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VIA: Women’s Rights News


VIA: Women’s Rights News


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There’s a melody in my mind as the memories of us fly away…

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I can’t stop laughing XD


I can’t stop laughing XD


Okay, if you are seeing this on your dash can you PLEASE STOP AND READ? 

thanks, because I want you to read this and do as it says if it is right.

If you are 

- stressed about anything or everything

-depressed about anything

-upset about anything at all

-going through any sort of rough time at all

-insecure about anything

REBLOG THIS. Please don’t skip, please.

I want to tell you something.

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my dog is named Lucky

and sometimes he escapes from our house, so we have to go get Lucky

and sometimes it’ll be dark out, and we’ll be up all night to get Lucky

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